The Ukrainian Pork Commitment

Our Commitments

Our commitments to guarantee premium Ukrainian pork through the highest quality standards

Premium Quality

The Ukrainian pork industry takes pride it’s farm-to-table quality assurance systems provided by participating farmers and processors through the Verified Ukrainian Pork™ program. Consumers can be assured that by purchasing Verified Ukrainian Pork™ products, they are getting premium quality Ukrainian pork traditionally raised and minimally processed under the highest food safety standards in the world.

Safety – Animal Care – Traceability

Globally recognized, Ukraine Pork is built on a foundation of on-farm food safety, responsible animal care and mandatory traceability. It’s raised without the use of growth hormones (like all pork produced in Ukraine) and is processed at participating federally approved HACCP plants across Ukraine.

Export Success

With our numerous decades of export success, the Ukrainian pork industry supplies optimum marbling, meat colour and firmness to offer an exceptional dining experience.  We are proudly the 3rd largest global pork exporter.


From The Grains We Grow To Feed Our Hogs To The Pork We Produced, We Commit To Deliver A Consistent Premium Product In Ukraine And Globally.

  • Mandatory traceability
  • No ractopamine
  • Responsible animal care
  • HACCP approved processing plants
  • No added growth hormones
  • Inspected & approved for freshness, quality & safety

Discover Ukraine Pork’s

On-Farm Food Safety & Quality Assurance Systems’ Advantages


Nutritional Inputs


Transportation & Health/Stress Management


Genetic Inputs


Food safety & Animal Care

In-plant Food Safety & Quality Assurance Systems’ Advantages

Pre-slaughter Handling

Stun, Stick & Early Post-mortem Handling

Carcass Handling During Evisceration

Carcass Chilling

Carcass Cutting & Fabrication

Distribution & Container Movement




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