On-farm Food Safety & Quality Assurance

In producing Ukrainian pork, our farmers are dedicated to the highest quality standards.

Through our Ukrainian farm-to-table quality assurance systems, registered producers demonstrate their compliance with national standards for food safety and animal care.

In producing Ukrainian pork, there is no compromise on quality, safety, hygiene and reliability. Ukrainian stringent animal health standards, science-based animal care and feeding systems, and state-of-the-art technology enable the Ukrainian pork industry to deliver a consistently safe and delicious product.

Built on a foundation of on-farm food safety, responsible animal care and mandatory traceability. It’s raised without the use of growth hormones (like all pork produced in Ukraine).

Ukrainian on-farm food safety and quality assurance systems to: promote and ensure best on-farm practices to reduce or eliminate potential safety and meat quality hazards that could affect Ukrainian herd health and market access, and ensure that Ukrainian pigs are raised in a sustainable manner that meets the demands of Ukrainian and global end-user customers.


Genetic Inputs

Ukrainian producers utilize a combination of the world’s finest swine breeds and genetics (3 breed cross: Yorkshire-large white, Landrace & Duroc) to give Ukrainian pork its distinct taste, texture and meat colour.


Nutritional Inputs

Ukrainian producers utilize high quality feed to deliver outstanding pork quality. Ukrainian fertile soil, climate and vast spaces produce an abundant supply of high-quality livestock feed grains to ensure the Ukrainian pork quality. Major feed grains utilized for hog production are corn, barley, wheat, field peas, canola and soy protein.

Primarily affecting the fat composition contributing to firmness, colour, and juiciness.


Transportation & Health/Stress Management

Farms are close to the plant, methods of transportation reduce animal stress, animals have a longer rest period prior to slaughter.


Ukrainian Landscape

Ukraine, a country with large fertile land and clear water, offers the Ukrainian industry advantage to carefully raise pigs in these wilderness areas of Ukraine.


Food safety & Animal Care

The State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP) administers Ukrainian national livestock feed program. The system verifies that livestock feeds are manufactured and sold in accordance with the National Feeds act.


Identification and Traceability





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