The "Meat Industry" Association participates in the development of the Ukraine Facility plan to support the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

AUGUST 2, 2023


The Meat Industry Association is ready to actively cooperate in the development of the Ukraine Facility plan, an ambitious project of financial support from the European Union for the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. At the first meeting of the interdepartmental working group, which was initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a key discussion took place about the priorities and directions of development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector.


Representatives of the "Meat Industry" Association joined the meeting, which was also attended by several dozen business representatives, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. Analytical support for the project is provided by the Kyiv School of Economics, as well as Deloitte Ukraine.


The meeting was devoted to defining the key areas of development of the agricultural sector, which will be taken into account in the Recovery, Reconstruction and Modernization Plan of Ukraine, which is planned to be implemented within four years thanks to the financial support of the EU in the amount of up to 50 billion euros. The "Meat Industry" Association made a significant contribution to the debate, offering its recommendations and initiatives for the further development of the country's agro-industrial complex.


According to the conclusions of the meeting, the group identified the following key directions for the development of the agricultural sector:


🥩 Integration of Ukrainian legislation to the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, which will allow the Ukrainian agricultural sector to attract more investments and become competitive on the international market.

🥩 Liberalization of the land market in Ukraine, which will contribute to attracting foreign investments and increasing agricultural productivity.

🥩 Development of lending programs for agrarian farms and enterprises, which will provide financial support for subjects of the agro-industrial complex and stimulate their development.

🥩 The development of processing capacities and the increase of added value, which will contribute to the creation of new jobs and increase the production potential of the agricultural sector.


The proposals and recommendations expressed at the meeting will be taken into account in the Recovery, Reconstruction and Modernization Plan of Ukraine, which should be developed by September 15, 2023. Also, these initiatives will be taken into account in the sectoral strategies for the next 10 years.


This proactive approach of involving the "Meat Industry" Association in the process of creating the Ukraine Facility plan and cooperation with other industry groups promises positive changes and stimulation of the country's economic growth. Support for the group's work is provided with the support of the government of Great Britain (UK Aid) through the Good Governance Fund project "Economic hub: effective public finance management policy and growth vision", in which Abt Britain and the Kyiv School of Economics are actively involved.




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