Market Intelligence

Ukraine Pork offers privileged and exclusive market intelligence and analysis information of global pork trade from subject matter experts to its members, by sharing on a regular basis in-depth market analysis’s reports such as Global AgriTrends and the Whole Hog Brief, which are prominent sources of information on global meat trade.


Ukraine Pork also provides additional privileged information to its members on global meat trade to track how the hog industry is performing and identify trends:

  • Monthly Ukrainian pork export trade statistics.
  • Weekly Market Asia Report, with valuable and timely information from our oversees offices on local legislation, trends, statistics.
  • Weekly statistical information to keep track of slaughter numbers, market hogs and prices, pork imports and exports.
  • A daily Press Review, with selected news of interest on the Ukrainian market, meat trade, foreign markets, competitor export countries’ initiatives, etc.
  • Regular customized updates on specific markets of interest for Ukrainian exporters.  


Additionally, our members can reach out to our overseas offices, which are available to work with members and local industry stakeholders in an ever-changing environment and provide useful and insightful information to expand their business.

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