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Ukrainian Pork Global Branding Strategy: Verified Ukrainian Pork

The Verified Ukrainian Pork brand represents a farm-to-table quality assurance proposition for end-user customers and consumers based on a foundation of on-farm food safety, responsible animal care and mandatory traceability. It’s raised without the use of growth hormones (like all pork produced in Ukraine) and is processed at participating federally approved HACCP plants across Ukraine.

VCP provides a credible platform for premium brand building globally and can be leveraged as a resource by stakeholder partners in all segments of the supply chain to increase consumer confidence and awareness of the quality, wholesomeness, and safety of Ukrainian pork products.

Ukraine Pork’s global market development specialists support approved VCP branded programs in all markets of importance that identify Ukrainian pork content to consumers in the retail meat case, processed meat counter and on restaurant menus. 

Export Market Development Program

The Export Market Development (EMD) program provides Ukraine Pork member funding based on eligible cost-shared activities that have a direct impact on Ukraine Pork member initiatives to expand the market share of Ukrainian pork in the export marketplace. Funding support is available for activities and initiatives that range in the following categories.


  • Market Diversification Projects (trade Show)
  • Export Market Adaptation Projects (incoming mission)
  • Market Investigation Projects (outgoing mission)
  • Generic Ukrainian Pork Promotion Initiatives 

Competitive Benchmarking Program

Benchmarking projects are science-based evaluation/comparison of competitive samples and in-class specifications being offered in a market or sector of interest to Ukraine Pork members. Evaluations and performance criteria are based on end-user utilization of the product and both established and cultural measurements of meat quality attributes important to the marketplace or sector to improve competitive position.


Benchmarking Activities

  • Meat Quality Inspections and Comparisons: Color, Marbling (IMF), Firmness, Texture, pH/WHC, Fat Color and Quality
  • Yield Testing and Financial Performance Analysis projects
  • Specification Audits and Comparisons (workmanship, packaging)
  • End-user Applications Analysis and Comparisons (carcass utilization and value optimization) 


Benchmarking projects provide valuable insights into meat quality, workmanship, specifications and packaging through expert evaluation and a series of detailed cutting tests on meat cuts that are important to end-user customers in a marketplace or sector.




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